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Replacing the Queen Bee in a Hive

ft Bruce White | ABA of NSW Field Day 2019

Replacing the Queen Bee in a Hive. Recorded Live at Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW 2019 Field Day. In this video, Bruce explains the best methods for replacing the queen when your hive is queenless or when your queen has started to fail.

This video was made possible because of the generosity and willingness of the presenter, to share knowledge and expertise. And also with the assistance in the form of a subsidy from the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW. Thanks to all in the ABA and others involved in this project who supported it’s release. You can find out more about the ABA at https://beekeepers.asn.au

A special thanks to the illawarra beekeepers assoc. inc. for the use of their venue and facilities. You can find out more about illawarra beekeepers at https://illawarrabeekeepers.org.au

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00:00 intro

00:04 ordering queen bees

00:30 queen bees delivered by mail

01:00 placing the queen in your hive

01:15 the best methods to find the old queen before introducing the new queen

02:01 remove the laying queen before placing the new queen in

02:13 the best time of year to get a new queen bee

03:16 various methods to finding the old queen

03:49 placing the new caged queen in the hive correctly

04:22 do not check the hive for 10 days after replacing the new queen

05:08 marking the queen bee

05:47 what to do if you can’t place the queen immediately

06:38 restrictions on importing queen bees from overseas

07:56 the most common race of bees in Australia

09:03 mixed races of bees

10:02 do you need to leave a hive queenless before introducing a new queen?

10:24 genetic diversity of queens & the drone congregation area

This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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