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BEE STINGS (Part 1) Best Practices to Avoid Getting Stung

ft Bruce White

Bee Stings are something a beekeeper will experience, eventually. And it’s important to know the best practices to avoid getting stung. In the first part of this 2 part series, we look at the best things every beekeeper can do to keep safe. Bruce White talks about stings and shows the Best Practices to Avoid Getting Stung. New beekeepers especially will learn some tips about the things to do to avoid bee stings when opening or working with hives. We should also remember most bees only sting as a last resort and not only are bee stings sometimes painful, a bee will almost certainly die when she stings a human. Because unlike wasps, a worker bee’s sting has a barb and this will rip out her venom sack. So avoiding bee stings is better for the beekeeper and the bee.

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00:00 opener

00:24 intro

00:45 ensure you wear appropriate protective clothing

01:13 wearing gloves

01:56 using a smoker & the correct fuel

02:28 important tips on using the smoker

02:41 cool smoke is best

03:09 the smoker box

03:20 check smoker is working well

03:48 use a fire proof smoker box or tin bucket to store a hot smoker

04:10 honeybees generally sting to defend the hive or themselves

04:50 be aware of your tolerance to bee stings

05:38 a docile strain of bees is generally better to work with

05:59 the best conditions to open your hives

07:02 understand bee behaviour

07:14 using the smoker when opening the hive

08:03 removing the beehive lid

08:30 have the smoker available all the times

09:03 aim the smoke at the bees

09:33 removing the super

10:39 removing the queen excluder

11:18 removing frames from the brood box

11:34 if bees are killed their sisters are more likely to become aggressive

12:46 ensure to always smoke a box before picking it up

14:26 when you should NOT open your hives

15:32 certain honey flows that affect bee behaviour

15:58 bees robbing can make bees aggressive

16:14 hives that have been re-queened recently

17:50 make sure your hive are placed on a stable area

18:26 removing frames from the brood box

19:38 keep the entrance to the hive clear

20:43 different bee suit & veil designs

22:12 take care when mowing near the hive

22:29 different hive tool designs

23:13 moving a hive to settle bees down

24:16 bees in your veil

24:54 bees are attracted to our body heat

25:13 when bees are on your legs

25:44 consider tucking jeans into your socks

26:13 removing a bee sting correctly

26:54 never pinch or pull a bee sting out always scrape it off to avoid injecting more venom

27:12 end

This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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