(Last Updated On: 21/03/2021)

How to Inspect a Hive for American Foulbrood & Other Bee Diseases

ft Bruce White & Penny Downy

American Foulbrood remains a serious threat to bees worldwide. And that’s why, of all the videos we have produced on beekeeping, this is probably the most important. Some people may find this video distressing, so please watch and share the video with discretion. Other people may think foulbrood and other diseases are not an issue in beekeeping, but in fact it’s probably the most important part of beekeeping that any beekeeper should learn. Without the correct biosecurity practices, bees can suffer and die in their millions. So it’s important you observe the correct procedures outlined in this video.

Bruce White is a retired technical specialist in beekeeping and is the current Biosecurity officer for the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW. He was also involved in introducing using petrol for euthanizing bees affected by American Foulbrood. Whilst serving in the NSW Department of Agriculture, Bruce also contributed to the study and implementation of irradiation practices for beehives. We are very privileged to have Bruce share his experience and vast knowledge so freely. This is a must watch for any beekeeper.

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00:00 opening intro by Penny Downy

00:41 introduction to inspecting hives for brood disease by Bruce White

01:51 looking at how to keep your bees healthy

02:19 after winter, when do you first inspect bees

03:20 demonstration video: inspecting brood frames for disease

12:41 What is American Foul Brood (AFB)

13:00 AFB what is it?

18:02 how many AFB spores does it take to infect brood

19:18 where can AFB spores live

19:55 irradiation history in beekeeping, what is it, & how is it used to kill AFB spores

21:39 the advantages of irradiation

22:41 the disadvantages of irradiation & it’s effects on any plastics used in the beehive

24:09 other treatments for AFB

26:03 is it safe to wash suits & gloves to rid AFB & other bee diseases?

27:33 the importance of using a stainless steel extractor & how to clean it

29:12 is processed beeswax safe from AFB

29:39 hive tool maintenance

30:05 general Q&A including inspections, swarming & diseases

30:17 is irradiation 100% effective in treating AFB & other diseases?

33:48 the DPi biosecurity manual

35:00 demonstration of euthanizing a beehive

35:14 euthanizing the hive with petrol

37:01 Q&A on Beekeeping in general

49:37 AFB glass test slide

50:15 free disease lab testing for registered beekeepers

50:19 getting honey tested for traces of AFB

53:18 more tips of what to do if you get AFB

55:00 in closing

This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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