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    Further Reading

    You’ll find a lot of good quality resources and reading all about bees and beekeeping. And we’ve listed a few of the best ones below. Note most of these links provide good quality information for free plus some have additional options to buy publications. So have a look around and send us your feedback with any opinions or suggestions you may have.


    There are literally hundreds of free resources on bees and beekeeping on the Agrifutures website here.  Agrifutures feature probably one of the best and most comprehensive collections of quality publications that are available to download for free in PDF form. Some of the best include

    Australian Beekeeping Guide

    Bee Friendly: A planting guide for European honeybees and Australian native pollinators

    Commercial Beekeeping in Australia

    NSW DPi Backyard Beekeeping

    Backyard beekeeping, May 2019, Primefact 894, Second edition. Plant Biosecurity and Product Integrity

    NSW DPi Bee Links

    A great collection of resources including Record keeping templates,  Training, Useful links for the honey bee industry, General public and bees

    Bee Agskills

    A basic guide to some of the skills and practices of bee production. Easy to follow for those new to bee keeping, this book contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full-colour pictures. Includes how to maintain hives, use a bee smoker, catch a swarm, remove and extract honey, health and pests in the hive, buying equipment, and working safely with bees.

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