(Last Updated On: 05/06/2020)

Queen Spotting & ReQueening with Bruce White

illawarra beekeepers Field Day 25 08 2019

The 2019 August field day at illawarra beekeepers was a great day with a very strong turnout of club members and guests. Bruce White demonstrated various methods of Queen Spotting & ReQueening. The weather was (almost) perfect and Bruce presented well rounded and informative session on spotting queens. We also learned a few different methods for finding the queen. Plus lots of little tips along the way, helpful to any beekeeper.

See the video below and note the chapter topics indexed in the list.

00:00:10 Theory Pre Field Demo
00:14:49 Field Day Demo: Bees at Entrance
00:16:07 Lighting the Bee Smoker
00:17:31 Smoking the entrance of the Beehive
00:19:45 Shifting the Hivre to reduce Bee Numbers
00:24:42 Correct use of the Hive Tool
00:25:03 Check the Excluder for the Queen
00:29:18 Observing the Brood Pattern for Drone Cells
00:31:03 Working through Brood Frames to find the Queen
00:33:16 Shaking Bees out from Brood Box to find the Queen
00:34:58 Using a Queen Excluder UNDERNEATH the Brood Box to Isolate & Find the Queen
00:38:29 Chasing Bees up from the Bottom Box with Smoker
00:40:12 Avoid using too much smoke to avoid bees racing around
00:41:30 Queen Found
00:47:55 Beehive Location & Bee Re-orientation
00:51:48 Releasing Queen from Her Cage
01:01:49 A close up look at the marked Queen