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New Season Sydney Raw Honey – 400gram We only produce a very limited amount of honey a year so we often sell out. Our honey is now available online via PayPal.


(Last Updated On: 02/12/2021)

The Taste of Sydney: New Season Raw Honey


Our honey is extracted from our beehives located in a private backyard bee garden in Bardwell Park, an inner west suburb of Sydney Australia, on the hillside of Bardwell Valley overlooking Earlwood and Kingsgrove. We call it Hand Made Honey because our honey and our bees are cared for and produced with human hands. We do not use pesticides, antibiotics or chemicals in our bee colonies. We control and prevent any problems or pests with natural remedies by using for example vegetable oil in pest traps instead of harsh man made chemicals.

Our honey is extracted and spun by a centrifugal extractor. Yes, this is a mechanical process but it’s not heated or interfered with. It’s a more gentle process as the honey finds it’s way from the honeycomb to a stainless steel vat for filtering before being poured into your jar.

We do not feed our bees sugar water but our bees are happy and fat eating local pollen and sticky honey and wax that we extract from their own beehives.

Our honey is not pasteurised or heated and is 100% raw. We only strain the honey in a fine food grade stainless steel sieve that removes most of the impurities but our honey may contain traces of pollen and beeswax. This is totally natural and some argue that eating local honey containing traces of local pollen can aid in relief to those who may otherwise suffer allergies to pollen.

Our honey is totally natural, rich and full flavoured… the way nature intended it to bee.

Remember, we only produce a very limited amount of honey a year so we often sell out. Our honey is now available online via PayPal.

Our Honey is 100% RAW and natural, extracted by hand in our own apiary. It is packaged in food grade glass jars with PH stable metal lids. Our most popular jar is the 400gm net honey jar and comes packaged as shown. Delivery via courier to your Sydney [and surrounding areas] address up to 25kg for a flat rate of $15. If you would like to order in wholesale quantities, please contact us for more details.

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 15 cm

4 reviews for Sydney Raw Honey

  1. Judy Embrey

    I bought a jar from a stall at Saporia in Rosebery. It has been a joy to put this honey in my breakfast smoothies. It’s honey as I remember it. If you do the weekend markets, put it on the website. I have looked for it in stores but now, from reading the website, I know why.

    • Web-Admin

      Hi Judy. Thanks for the great rap. The supply of honey is very limited since I only have 6 hives and always leave plenty honey for the bees to feast on. I usually put up a post on instagram when we have a market coming up there. find us @saveourbees or go to

  2. Rod

    nice honey. I bought some jars when I was in Sydney for a holiday over Christmas and took them back home for gifts in Chicago and everyone absolutely loved your honey. I haven’t tasted anything quite like it but I’ve almost used it all up now. Do you deliver to USA?

  3. Jamie

    I’ve never tasted honey like this before. Fantastic but my kids are always eating it quicker than I can get it. Thanks for your work with bees. I love the story behind your honey.

    • Emmanuel

      Hi Jame. Thanks for your feedback and glad to read the kids enjoy it as much as you obviously do.

  4. Britt (verified owner)

    This is truly delicious honey! I bought three jars a while back and my recent visitor from Asia was so in love with it, I gave her my last jar to take home. She also placed her own order, which I had to forwarded on.

    Time for me to stock up again, just in case it runs out, because I adore it in my plain Greek yogurt. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Emmanuel

      Hi Britt. Thanks for the wonderful rap. Nice to hear that you and your friend liked the honey so much. I’ve just packed your order from the last honey batch of the season.The courier should have it to you by Monday. Enjoy your honey.

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