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Looking to Learn All About Bees?

Are you a beekeeper or bee enthusiast & want to find out more about arguably the most important creature on earth?  Are you just starting in beekeeping & don’t know where to begin? Or have you reached a stage in beekeeping & want to find out more advanced aspects of apiculture?

If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Emmanuel Farrugia, and I founded Save Our Bees Australia in 2013. Since then I’ve learned a few things about bees & met many people in beekeeping along the way that have a lot of knowledge & experience to share with others.

Our youtube channel hopes to deliver tips, tricks, how-to videos & first-hand experiences for beginners to advanced. Aimed at all aspects of beekeeping & apiculture.

Want to share? We want to hear from you & welcome your feedback & suggestions. So after you watch a video, tell us what you think & even what you’d like to see. To learn more & keep up to date with our videos, Go to our youtube channel at youtube.com/saveourbees & Subscribe NOW!

How to Prevent Swarming of Bees | Swarm Prevention & Control: Learn Step by Step with Bruce White

By |2020-12-02T11:00:08+10:0028th August, 2020|beekeeping, beekeeping video|

Learn how to prevent swarming of bees. Swarming is the natural process of bees increasing in numbers. The aim of this video is to show you how to manage your colonies to control and prevent swarming. Swarming is not desirable as you risk losing up to half the colony bees, and with possible nuisance bee implications. Always be observant and only interchange disease free material and healthy bees between colonies.

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